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Female managers are leaving their jobs at nearly twice the rate of men1 and one of the reasons they cite is the lack of development opportunities.


Helping women to develop and sustain confidence will be key to nurturing them as leaders. In KPMG's Women's Leadership Study2, two in three respondents (67%) believed they need more support building their confidence to feel like they can be a leader.

One of the best ways, companies can retain the high potential managers in their pipeline, is to show them that they matter through investment in their development. Coaching can help women with the challenges they feel are holding them back from achieving their true potential and provide them the tools to handle new challenges as they arise.

1The Female Leadership Crisis, Network of Executive Women, 2018

2Women's Leadership Study, KPMG, 2015

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Leadership Acceleration

My signature Leadership Acceleration System is a comprehensive program with topics designed to propel highly motivated, mid-career women into their next leadership role. From managing relationships across levels, to managing your own emotions, my clients develop a heightened level of self-awareness, and hone the soft skills that most of us aren't taught and is not easily gained by experience alone.

Professional Woman

The Confident Leader

Without self-assurance, executive presence and a belief in your own abilities, it is almost impossible to be a leader. In this focused program, I work with clients to help them see their strengths, acknowledge and capitalize on their successes and develop the tools to assert themselves in the workplace so that the brilliance within them can shine.

Energy Leadership Index

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment measures the filters through which a person sees the world to gain understanding of the attitudes and perceptions that shape them and the way the interact with others.


EIQ-2 assessments help users understand the correlation between the way they apply their emotional intelligence and the outcome of their interactions with others.


Assessments provide great starting points to a coaching engagement, often providing a baseline from which to develop. Both assessments I offer can be taken as a stand-alone or with a 360 feedback component. In addition to being an integral part of my coaching packages, I also offer assessments on their own. 

Did you know?
There are more CEO's in the Fortune 500
named John,
than there are CEO's who are women.
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