My 9-Month* Leadership Acceleration System builds the soft-skills that transform a Manager into a Leader. The program begins with 4 foundational segments that help clients understand where they are, determine where they want to be, and helps them recognize and break through any of the blocks that are in the way of their success. These units are followed by sessions themed to address the challenges that are specific (though not exclusive) to women at this stage of their career. The work we do in this program offers sustainable development, the effects of which have long-reaching effects

Introductions, Coaching Goals & What to Expect

Let's talk about why you are here. In this session, you will

  • Commit to your own development as a leader and feel supported on your path

  • Recognize your potential to be the leader you want to be and what that looks like

  • Take your first step back from the daily fires and begin to focus on the big picture

Energy Leadership Index Assessment Debrief 

Uncover your perceptions and attitudes that underly all that you do.

  • Discover how you are showing up and the blind spots that are holding you back

  • Gain clarity around the behaviors you need to change so you can successfully move up the ladder

  • Identify your brilliance so you can maximize it

Setting Goals & Developing a Plan

Create your blueprint for career advancement

  • Stop the mind games that you play that are wasting your time and learn to prioritize the things that will get you moving forward faster

  • Go from spinning your wheels to gaining traction on a clear path

Uncovering the Stuff That is Getting in Your Way

In this section, you will take time to understand why you aren't where you want to be.

  • Discover and debunk the negative stories you have been telling yourself

  • Break free from the patterns of behavior that aren’t serving you

  • Gain insight as to where you can make positive impact in your job and career

Reducing Stress & Increasing Engagement

Learn what is driving engagement and its effect on your performance; move from feeling you 'have to' to you 'choose to'

  • Get noticed by company leaders as the rock star that you are

  • See and receive opportunities for greater participation and involvement

  • Feel happier and more engaged at work

Understanding & Managing Emotions

  • Stop being seen sensitive or someone who always takes things personally

  • Notice greater leadership opportunities come your way as you develop a reputation for being calm under pressure

  • Get more regular constructive feedback that allows you to constantly meet or beat expectations

Making Choices & Good, Quick Decisions

Learn to trust yourself and what you know.

  • Stop feeling like a deer in headlights when called out for an opinion or shrinking into obscurity when discussions turn to decisions

  • No more sitting on the sidelines as others to get credit for the unspoken ideas in your head

  • Get noticed for your sound judgement and ability to think on your feet

  • Raise your visibility in meetings and discussions because of your decisiveness and clear head

Leading Powerfully By Being True to Yourself

Match your natural style to the way you lead and live.

  • Stop trying to fake it until you make it and instead show off the unique value you bring to work

  • Step into a leadership style that is comfortable, easy and fits like a glove

  • Stop compartmentalizing or guessing how to be and bring your whole self to work

Leading Fearlessly

Move beyond the fear that is holding you back so you can truly excel.

  • Take that leap that you know you need to move to the next level

  • Stop second-guessing the value of your contributions

  • Learn to embrace your missteps and create opportunities from them

Resilience & Leading Confidently

You can't expect others to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself.

  • Let the great ideas and valuable opinions in your head out into the world so that others can learn from you

  • Learn how and when to speak up in meetings without being spoken over

  • Stop wallowing in disappointments and start to see opportunities

  • Be recognized for your contributions

Managing Relationships: Up, Down & Sideways

Difficult relationships, effective communications and creating high-powered support teams

  • Learn how to handle the relationships that currently cause you stress

  • Gain the trust of the people you work with so that you get the opportunities for growth you want

  • Become respected by your direct reports, your managers and your colleagues

Putting It All Together & Moving Forward

Leadership Lessons, Take-aways and future goals

  • You will be well on your way to the next level in your career having developed key skills for leadership success

  • You will have built your own, unique success plan that enables you to continue to grow

  • You are now able to identify and deal with challenges as they arise and with the tools to work through them

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