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One-on-One Coaching

What to expect

THIS IS YOUR TIME. Time to focus on what's getting in your way; time to focus on crushing your goals; and time for you to focus on YOU and what you need to move forward. 


My one-on-one coaching packages offer a well-honed system that includes resources, strategies, and exercises to move you forward, fast. In 50-minute sessions, over the phone, allowing you to schedule sessions from anywhere, you will learn what is getting in your way and develop the tools to employ for sustainable change. Between sessions, I will assign reading and exercises for further learning and self-exploration-- this is where the true magic happens! Your self- awareness will reach a new level allowing you to overcome the internal obstacles that were holding you back.

My packages include an assessment called the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) that reveals how your attitudes and perceptions are helping you, as well as uncovering your blind spots. The ELI shows you the filter through which you see the world. 

My coaching packages range in size to suit the needs of the client. To learn more, click below.  

Group Coaching

What to expect

In my group coaching programs, clients come together virtually, once a week for a set period of time, to learn and be coached as a group.

Coaching groups are centered around a particular broad topic or challenge that all group members have in common so that not only do they learn from me, but they learn, perhaps even more, from each other. Because the process is less customized, coaching groups can provide a lot of 'bang for the buck'.

Confident Leadership: How to Get Over Self-Doubt to Advance Your Career, begins July 17, 2020

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