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Confident Leadership: 

How to Get Over Self Doubt to Advance Your Career

Do you remember the lessons you were taught growing up? In a Women's Leadership Study from KPMG, 86% of women said they recall being taught to "be nice to others" while only 68% said they were taught to "believe in yourself."
Numerous studies have shown that women underestimate their abilities, while men overestimate theirs. Women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotions, don’t ask for as high salaries or take as many risks as their male counterparts.

Confident Leadership is a new 5-session group coaching program for women that I am offering right now, at no cost.

Sessions run every Friday, July 17- August 14, for one-hour, via Zoom, at 11:00 am PST.

You must commit to being available for all sessions to be accepted into the program.

Session 1 - July 17     

What's stopping you?

We will create greater self-awareness by exploring what is getting in the way of greater belief in yourself. Why don't you think you are awesome and how is it holding you back?

Session 2 - July 24

You are successful: developing greater confidence in your skills

We often don't take time out to celebrate our successes and recognize our wins so they become overlooked while instead we focus on our "failures". In this session, we will look at what happens when things don't go the way we plan. How do we change our behavior in those moments and also focus more what makes us already successful.

Session 3 - July 31

You Do you: developing confidence in the real you

Trying to be someone you aren't is hard work. What does it mean to step into who you are and lead from there? What does it mean to lead authentically? We will look at how to embrace who we are and the strengths we've identified, to move forward more easily and confidently.

Session 4 - August 7

being resilient & leading confidently

We will look at how you develop resiliency and the affect it has on confidence by exploring some foundational principles and how our behaviors might change if we believed them.

Session 5 - August 14

being fearless, taking risks & moving forward

How often have you let your lack of confidence prevent you from taking a risk that could pay off big? We will explore how to become fearless so that you stop passing up great opportunities out of a fear of failure. We will conclude our time by planning forward actions and accountability.

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