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How to Get Over Self Doubt to Advance Your Career

Do you remember the lessons you were taught growing up?


In a Women's Leadership Study from KPMG, 86% of women said they recall being taught to "be nice to others" while only 68% said they were taught to "believe in yourself." In fact, numerous studies have shown that women underestimate their abilities, while men overestimate theirs. Women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotions, don’t ask for as high salaries or take as many risks as their male counterparts.

Do you:

  • play small because you fear saying the wrong thing... or just being seen?

  • find yourself unable to get your voice heard in Zoom meetings and on calls?

  • defer to the higher titles in your organization, whether they are more knowledgable, or not?

  • have a hard time drawing a line and setting boundaries?

  • strive to please others at the expense of your own well-being?


Imagine if you

  • were able to be completely yourself at work 

  • stepped confidently out of your comfort zone so that you could express your brilliance

  • learned how to move past your fears so you could see and grab onto new opportunities

  • had tools to help you manage in times of self-doubt

  • had a community of women in the same boat, with whom you could share and learn from 

Join me and a small group of other women, as we explore how to get past our doubts and fears, so that we can move into a place of self-awareness, authenticity and confidence! This group coaching program will run for 8 weeks and covering different topics and exercises around confidence building each week. You will learn from me, from the other women in the program, and mostly from and about yourself.  

My next program begins on October 15th.


Because of the limited number of participants, this program fills up fast. Sign up now.


Week 1       

the stories we tell ourselves

We will begin this adventure by introducing ourselves and telling each other our stories, taking a look at the language we use and discussing how that creates our reality. 

Week 2

uncovering the stuff that's getting in the way

We will create greater self-awareness by exploring some of the beliefs and views that you hold onto and may be hindering your success. How true are they? How do they affect your ability to see clearly and take action toward your goals. 

Week 3

You are successful: developing greater confidence in your skills

We often don't take time out to celebrate our successes and recognize our wins so they become overlooked while instead we focus on our "failures". In this session, we will look at what happens when things don't go the way we plan. How do we change our behavior in those moments and also focus more what makes us already successful.

Week 4 

You Do you: developing confidence in the real you

Trying to be someone you aren't is hard work. What does it mean to step into who you are and lead from there? What does it mean to lead authentically? We will look at how to embrace who we are and the strengths we've identified, to move forward more easily and confidently.

Week 5

overcoming imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome can make you feel like a fraud and beyond just making you feel bad, it can result in you avoiding taking risks and seizing opportunities. In this session, we will discuss where imposter syndrome comes from, our experiences with it, and what we can do to deal with it when it shows up.

Week 6

being resilient & leading confidently

We will look at how you develop resiliency and the affect it has on confidence by exploring some foundational principles and how our behaviors might change if we believed them.

Week 7

being fearless & taking risks

How often have you let your lack of confidence prevent you from taking a risk that could pay off big? Fear, perhaps more than any other feeling, keeps us from grabbing the opportunities available to us that move us forward. We will challenge these fears so that you stop passing up great opportunities out of a fear of failure. 

Week 8

moving forward as confident leaders

In our final session together, we will pull it all together. We will discuss our big a-ha's and top take-aways, and how we each will anchor our learning into our lives, and commit to next steps in an action plan.

  • Coaching:  8 weekly group coaching sessions, for 75 minutes, via video conference

  • Community: A group of women to connect with, learn from and be inspired by. Women just like you who are successful and innately powerful, but with challenges related to confidence, that hold them back. These are your peeps – they know what you are going through because they are going through it too!

  • Online Support: A Facebook group devoted exclusively to Confident Leaders, where you can embrace your community of likeminded women between our sessions: throw out ideas, musings, inspirations, questions, or just vent where you have the support of your community   And I am there too to toss out a question or  cheer you on!  

  • Accountability Partners: In the first week, you will be paired with a group member will support you in your journey. They will keep you on track between sessions and be your special support, as you will be for her.  Accountability partners enable you to get the most out of the program, by putting the most into it.

  • Tools & Exercises: Assignments that help you go deep into yourself, find your strengths, discover what makes you you; tools you can use again and again to help you work past challenges as they come up.


Plus, you will also receive:


  • Onboarding: A 30-minute one-on-one call in which we dig into your challenges and what you want out of the experience

  • One-on-One Coaching: A 60-minute coaching session with me, after the group sessions end, to follow up on your progress

Payable in full or in 2 payments of $449

Confidence is the #1 topic that comes up in sessions with my one-on-one clients, which is what led me to offer a group program focused on this subject. Group coaching offers many of the benefits of one-on-one coaching (and then some!) for a fraction of the cost. You pay less and I get to help more women move forward into leadership. It's a win-win! So, whether you have been considering getting coaching support and weren't sure if it was for you, weren't sure it was 'worth it', or simply see the benefits of what a program like this can offer, I encourage you to sign up now.


In order to encourage participation and maximize coaching time for everyone, this 8-week comprehensive coaching program is offered to a limited group of women for an investment of $897 for 8 weeks.





 I found it so incredibly valuable and it was a really eye-opening experience, sharing with and learning from yourself and the other fantastic women in the group. I've taken away many methods and tools that have given me a fresh perspective on being a confident leader.


These concepts were great at supporting the idea of taking risks and exploring. They really stuck with me.


These were all great tools that I had not used or really known about before. These are things you can adopt and use for the rest of your life.


I felt a bond with the women, and hope to keep in touch with them as we all grow in our businesses and careers.


[It was the] right time to try something new and to look towards the future with new eyes. It is not easy for me to look inside myself so this was a good beginning Very worth the time.



Frequently asked questions

Do you offer refunds?

If after you sign up, you decide that now isn't the time, I understand. I offer refunds up until 7 days before the program starts. Please understand participation in the group is limited to 10 participants and I have alloted you one of those spots. Less than 7 days and it is difficult to fill your spot.

When are the meetings? What time does it start and end?

We will meet on consecutive Thursdays, October 15 to December 10th (skipping November 26, Thanksgiving Day.) Sessions with run for 1 hour and 15 minutes, 12 -1:30 pm, PST, via Zoom link.

Where can I find out more about you?

More about me here.

What if I have to skip a meeting?

I would hate for you to miss a session as I know that you will be a meaningful participant in our group. However, life happens as we all know! To ensure confidentiality of the group, sessions will not be recorded, however, I will post topics and assignments to the Facebook group page and you can follow up with your accountability partner for any notes she can share.

What happens after I sign up and pay?

You should get a confirmation that you are in the group, and an email with a scheduling link to schedule your onboarding call. About a week before we begin, I will send out additional information with an invitation to the Facebook group, material to read, any pre-work and the meeting link.

What is group coaching and how does it differ from executive or other coaching?

Group coaching is similar to executive coaching but instead of having a one-on-one dynamic with the coach, the coach works with a group of people who are focused on the same challenges. Instead of relying solely on the coach, you benefit from the collective wisdom from the group. You get a community with whom you can face your confidence challenges and who identify with you because they are also facing theirs.

How is this different from a support group?

Support groups are great for sharing resources and experiences – and for getting advice. Here, we refrain from advising each other, preferring first to help you find your own answers while providing the support and encouragement to get there.

I want to join, but I am shy. Will I still get something out of it?

As a fellow introvert, I feel you. My role as the coach for the group is to help everyone be comfortable and allow you to share when you want to share. I, and your fellow group members, will make space for you when you are ready. In this program there is work you do on your own outside of the sessions, and because everyone is coming into the group with the same broad challenges, we will all learn from each other. So, even if you never say a word, if you do the assigned work and listen to what is going on in the group, I have no doubt you will benefit.

How much work per week will I need to put into it?

This is really up to you (and dependent on the assigned work.) But, in an effort to be more helpful, I would suggest alotting 30-60 minutes, depending on the assignment. There is huge value in the assignments I assign, as they help you go deeper into yourself, to help you make sustainable changes. This is where much of the magic happens. That said, If you do nothing in between, you will still get a lot out of the group, but the more self-reflection you do in-between session, the more you will take-away from the program.

Do you guarantee results?

While I have no doubt that if you put the work into this program, if you show up, you will move forward faster and more sustainably than you would on your own. Only you can control that. So, no, I don’t guarantee results. Instead I would ask you, what will you do to guarantee your own results? (See what I did there?)

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! I would be happy to divide payments into 2 montly payments of $399 each (or if you qualify for early bird pricing $349 each.) Instead of signing up through the website, please contact me using the Contact Me button to make these arrangements as I cannot do it through my website.

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