Coaching is a process in which coach and client partner to achieve the client's goals. Together, we look at a current situation, figure out what you want to change, and then it is you, the client who determines how you want to change it. 


We help guide our clients to get to their own answers, act as their champion, help them set goals and be accountable, and help them maximize their personal and professional potential.

Illustrated by the Successful Change Model, from Bruce D. Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), together we work through all the necessary steps to create sustainable change.

executive coaching

One-on-one coaching enables us to focus attention on the growth and development of the individual, and in so doing, have exponential impact that can be felt throughout the organization.


Being a successful leader that can motivate and inspire others is not just about what you say. It starts with is how you see yourself, how you interpret the signals people around you are sending, and your ability to connect, influence and build relationships with others. Working one-on-one with leaders and team members, we focus on uncovering and addressing people's blindspots, and developing new skills and behaviors that positively affect the individual and the people around them.

Business Meeting
Similing Team
team coaching

Unlock your team's maximum potential, and create a culture of collective awareness.


We work with existing or newly-formed teams to help them be more successful: improve team dynamics, communications and relationships so that they can attain the promise of the collective genius that brought them together. 


disc assessment

Used as part of a team coaching program or as a stand-alone workshop, the DiSC assessment is unparalleled at helping teams understand individual behavioral preferences and communication styles, and creates a common language among teams to quickly decode and appreciate each other's natural tendencies and how best to work with them.


group coaching

Group coaching brings together a cross-section of employees to help them work on challenges that are common to the group. This might be a group of first-time people managers, people who want to work on confident leadership or an already-established employee resource groups (ERG) who want coaching on the topics that bring them together.