client testimonials

Laura Rubbo, Director, Responsible Governance & Supply Chain

"Amy made coaching productive and stress-free. She asked insightful questions and helped me push forward on some ideas that had been percolating but had stalled. I would definitely recommend Amy to others and especially those contemplating or working through a career transition."

Laura Langehaug, HR Leader

“Amy's coaching has helped us grow the organization by creating leadership abilities and demonstrable results. Her partnership creates a progressive balance between coaching, challenging, mentoring and informating that has helped to advance women within our organization. Her focus on creating key initiatives and relationships, helped us with our organzation's development and how we work together to grow our leadership capabilities.

Lisa Yedlin, Owner, Touchdown Abroad

“Amy is keenly adept at asking the right questions. She probes just far enough and in the right direction to bring you to your own conclusions. She helps unlock whatever is being blocked and moves you forward.


For me, it was helping take a crucial first step toward a new career path. Amy broke it down to the most basic questions and once I was able to answer them, I was on my way.”

Windy Watson-Crick, Attorney & Consultant

"[Amy] is pragmatic yet warm, and focused on helping me identify my goals, resources, and solutions to impediments. Drawing from her own experiences as a professional, mother and wife, Amy understands the struggle for balance and readily offers sage guidance toward achieving that balance. 


I am incredibly grateful to Amy for helping me find clarity as to my purpose, priorities and career journey."

Jan Young, Product Management & Strategy

I've known Amy for a long time, and so it was natural for me to choose her as my coach as I was considering next steps in my career. I'm thrilled that Amy has chosen this pivot to coach others--

it's the culmination of all her skills and background. Amy is a great listener, and she finds nuggets and asks insightful questions at the key moments when you need to hear it. I can't recommend Amy highly enough

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