Are your employees burning out?

86% of high potentials are at risk of burnout and it is the #1 risk to retaining your employees.



Emotional intelligence positively influences reduction in stress and burnout, and increases levels of empathy, a critical skill for leaders to manage team burnout.

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Emotional intelligence is twice as important for predicting performance in executives than technical skills or IQ

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions and those of the people around you. High EQ is tied to resiliency, flexibility and stress tolerance, being empathetic and connecting with others. These are the skills needed in organizations to increase agility, manage change, build and retain top talent and reduce employee burnout.


Using emotional intelligence development as the foundation of leadership development, we help companies build the skills and capabilities required of today’s executives, as well as the next generation of leaders.


Whether it is working out how to be a higher performing team or being a more effective leader, coaching provides a unique opportunity to explore blind spots and  experience significant growth and development.


Interactive workshops and webinars, delivered virtually, get your team thinking differently and open up possibilities for innovation and collaboration.  


Masterminds and Executive Roundtables are facilitated conversations providing a platform to explore topics, exchange ideas and build community and consensus in your organization.


Assessments provide metric to benchmark where you and your team are today and identify areas for growth and development. When taken by teams, they provide a common vocabulary that helps members better communicate with one another.

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