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Leadership Coaching

I help women uncover their authentic leadership styles, enhance leadership effectiveness

and elevate their performance.


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What is coaching?


Coaching is a process in which coach and client partner to achieve the client's goals. Together, we look at a current situation, figure out what they want to change, and then it is the client who determines how they want to change it. 


As the coach, I help guide my clients get to their own answers. I am their champion, I help them set goals and be accountable, and I help them maximize their personal and professional potential.


One-on-one conversations allow us to establish goals and uncover anything that gets in the way of you successfully accomplishing them.


I help women develop their authentic leadership styles. And in doing that, they develop the confidence and strength to be successful. 


I help companies diversify their senior teams by developing high-potential women in their pipeline to successfully transition to leadership roles.

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